The key to success is finding the right people

A career with MBC offers unparalleled growth opportunities for ambitious people looking to build a career in an innovative consultancy startup. We pride ourselves on the experience and diversity of our team. Our team is made up of the right people, we know they are not easy to find but when we find them we invest in a long term, mutually beneficial career.

What we look for

Your background

We look for a broad variety of profiles and academic backgrounds, such as:

  • Engineers
  • Lawyers
  • Finance Professionals
  • MBAs
  • Business Management graduates
  • Mathematicians

We value international exposure, language proficiency. Ultimately we are looking for colleagues we enjoy working with.

We're all about:


Entrepreneurial and self-motivated, willing to go out of the comfort zone.

Remarkable People

Smart and interesting people who are willing to take on the challenge.

Positive Attitudes

Colleagues with a social and positive mindset willing to make an impact on the client.


Flexible and curious to constantly learn and grow using all the opportunities available.

Our Culture
MBC Team

People are the absolute centre of our compass

We are 100% client driven organisation prioritising client needs, with a very competitive business model which proactively maximises the benefits the employees and the added value for our clients.

Our differentiated business model allows us to help our clients in an efficient manner to improve service levels and to reduce cost. Our clients range from small family businesses to large multinational corporates. Primarily, we focus on the banking and financial services industry, but we have extensive experience in Industry, IT & Telecommunications, Logistics, Transport and Tourism.

Diversity and inclusion are part of our culture by default

We believe that diversity is the key competitive advantage that makes the difference in project delivery. We at MBC support our employees on their career development with training and mentoring.

We are our employees, therefore, the more they grow the more our clients and communities grow, and this is our ultimate goal. Read our anti-slavery policy for further info.

MBC Career Woman

As a growing consultancy, we provide many opportunities for self-growth and extra challenges:

Flat Structure

We work closely with each other and with our clients in a very collaborative environment with effective internal communication.

Broaden Skill Sets

Get exposure to wider aspects of consulting – much more than just the client project. Develop cross-departmental transferable skills, and keep it interesting.

Wider Career Prospects

At MBC you will be working closer to more senior members of staff and get your ideas listened to. Don’t be shy.

Faster Career Track

With more opportunities to show your abilities and working for a growing company your chances of accelerating your career are much more likely.

Student or recent graduate?Kick start your career with MBC.

Become an Intern
MBC Career Path

Road to success


Short-term roles for students in the last year of their degree of MBA who join MBC for a limited period of three months approx. During this time interns get exposed to the fundamental challenges of the consulting world by collaborating and supporting analysts, consultants & managers in existing projects.

Business Analyst

Candidates with less than 4 years of work experience join MBC as Business Analysts. In this role, they are key to project delivery. They normally work closely with the client, even based on their premises. They are flexible to move geographically and very focused on delivery.


With 4 to 8 years of relevant business/consulting, experience Consultants continue their careers in MBC with clear customer focus, in a specific industry vertical or in a key account. They require strong project and people management skills as well as an academic degree. In certain occasions, they will support in the recruitment process.


Responsible for managing a team of consultants as well as managing client stakeholders, Managers are the link between the senior managers and the consultants. With project ownership, they spend their time balancing the project cycle and the sales role. An advanced academic degree is preferred. They actively participate in the recruitment process.

Senior Manager

Individuals with 12+ years of consulting and leadership experience, seasoned team managers and strong in delivery. Senior Managers are focused on building long term relationships with the clients while consistently adding value through project delivery. They also participate in internal strategic decisions of the company. They participate in the last stages of the recruitment process.

Principle Partner

With full client oversight, they work part-time on projects dealing with top senior executives. Principals take the lead in coordinating client proposals and actively participate in sales, helping MBC to forge an industry niche. They oversee the full recruitment cycle.


MBC’s Private Partners hold senior executive roles. They are the ultimate responsible for projects sales and lead the strategic service offerings. They own and authorise the overall recruitment process and act as the ultimate authority towards the client.

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