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May Business Consulting is a dynamic international consultancy company. Our differentiated business model allows us to help our clients in an efficient manner to improve service levels and to reduce cost. We provide business management advisory specialising in the following areas:

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MBC provides corporate finance, business restructuring, risk and management consulting services to clients. This covers an exceptional range of challenges, changes and opportunities.
Our professionals come from multidisciplinary backgrounds, delivering insightful, innovative solutions. We are up to the challenge, no matter the need.

Business Internationalisation

This service brings the solution to international business expansion. MBC provides expertise in steps to maximise clients outside into the international market. Market analysis, target selection, evaluation and more take place to achieve business internationalisation. This service promotes the creation and utilisation of the company's main competencies.

Business Transformation

Change is constant, catching up and beating the industry is what we at MBC are after. As a result we gain control, organisation, operations and betterment of activities. We visualise the goals and ensure the workforce aligns to the operating strategy.

Capital & Funding

Capital consists of Debt and Equity. This allows us provide expert advice on operational and long term needs. MBC team have great knowledge and expertise of requirements in the UK, EU and US capital markets.

Compliance & Conduct

MBC offers trend analysis, current affairs along with technical information. With a focus in this area, we provide real expertise in the issues that affect clients. Thus making the workplace a great environment.

Legal & Wealth

Our experts in Governance & Control help reassess business is fit for new regulations. Industry practice policies will be in place to meet business and regulators requirements. We review and re-define operational accounting control models. This ensures correct and safe execution of the daily business.
To reduce business risks, it is important to use a simple, efficient and logical control model. MBC provide pragmatic business results in the definition and implementation of models. The accounting, operational control, policies and procedures adhere with the current regulatory requirements. With this, we increase business value while keeping risks under tight control.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Integration

May Business check processes, define models and points of both operational control and accounting. MBC put in place controls and design information management systems and corporate reporting. We ensure the reduction of operational risk and financial losses.
Analysis is conducted to provide clients with insightful and relevant advice.

Risk Management

Risk management provides visibility and calculation of risk exposures by minimising risk. Maximising the probability of creating value and competitive edge is also guaranteed. 
We add value and use information technology to put in place risk management programs. We assess the risk in line with the client’s profile and the strategy of the organisation. Scenarios creation, definition and execution are appropriate control model for each process.

Startup Advisory

We know it can be stressful when starting up and we offer our services to meet great results. Financial, strategy and innovation are areas we provide unique tips and market information.

Strategy Consulting

MBC assists clients deliver projects, providing them with seamless support and consultation. Strategy consulting give advice and insight into areas that need analysis and improvement.

Change Management



Clients often talk to us about business services and how they need to move away from focusing on improving just one functional area. It will be lovely to get away from functions such as HR, IT, Procurement, Property and Finance to focus on other areas of the business.

This promotes business goals of Increased efficiency and consistency of processes, significantly reduced costs, enhanced quality and the business agility required to support growth.

Business Change + Performance Boosting

We refer to broad-ranging change programmes as business services transformations. Because when they done well, they transform the entire organisation. MBC assist in plans to reduce cost and instil a culture of improvement. This frees up time for the business to make better decisions.
Seven areas that are essential for organisations to deliver cross-functional business transformation projects:
  • Know your problem
  • Sell the change
  • Stand behind your benefits case with absolute confidence
  • Balance clear vision with detailed design
  • Start early, move fast
  • Understand the upfront costs
  • Remember the retained functions change too

Coaching, Training & Development

MBC has training and education to increase efficiency in every industry. Efficiency does not only mean to make things get done faster. Process efficiency reviews and streamlines processes, to increase process quality and process effectiveness.
The goal to increase process efficiency means to lower costs and increase production. As well as fixing the issue, we also build in a quality review to ensure the fix remains long term. Specific tools include:
  • Identifying risks and areas where there may defects which increase cost.
  • Finding ways to streamline processes which save time and money.
  • Creating better processes and structures.
  • Reviewing company organisation and resource management.
  • Performing a process breakdown analysis to end wasteful processes.
  • Implementing quality structures to ensure high quality.

Digital Transformation & IT Change

Transformation and change management is knowing how to adapt throughout the organisation. This is key to success In today’s competitive and globalised environment. May Business Consulting provide the ability and tools to bring change.
Being aligned with strategic decisions, clients can execute programmes and deliver change projects. Value added at all stages of the project life cycle. It brings change, whether operational, organisational and transactional.

Operational Efficiency

MBC have experience and knowledge of tools that help clients achieve desired change. We are flexible and adapt the culture of clients, passing through the challenges and opportunities.

Organisation Change

From the first meeting, we provide expertise on implementation of change. Change from both people and systems perspective.
  • We transform obsolete business models
  • We adapt organisations to transformed business models
  • We simplify processes and de-clutter tasks
  • We provide measurable results and innovative solutions in line with industry practices
  • We diagnose, analyse and simplify processes with a constant focus on improvements. Quality, control and cost increase the speed of change and better adaptation.
  • We manage cultural impact change in people and processes.
  • We apply logic and common sense to what we do.
  • We improve efficiency and productivity
MBC applies tailored solutions and consensus for each client. Also every industry, every environment and even country.




Technology is the main ingredient of change, bringing efficiency and competitive advantages over competitors. Result oriented, we provide value to CIO streamlining operational and technological processes as a basis for growth.


Blockchain is one of our latest services in the banking, investment industry. This technology is digital information stored in a public database.

Data & Transformation

Technology brings efficiency and competitive advantages over competitors. Being result oriented we provide value to the operational and technological processes. This is as a basis for growth and market sustainability.

Internet of Things [IOT]

We use the internet every day and its use can assist in the way we make decisions in relation to our business. Our experts are able to use IOT to analyse data which will transform the way we treat business. This technology promotes and manages decisions made within the business as it measures.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is an application of AI that allows systems learn and improve experience without programming. Our experts will be able to build this software and work on it to achieve the results required. As it is a method of data analysis it will make work easier and quicker for our clients.

SW Development (Osmotic Methodology)

Our experts apply many models to enable better software use and development. From the requirements to design, implementation, verification even up to maintenance. We have experts in Java, database and many other IT components. MBC are able to assist your business to achieve its goals.

Talent Sourcing

We are here to release you of the stress and issues that come with talent sourcing. We focus on the requirements and channel our search horizon to selecting the best for the role.




Our experts on “Governance” and compliance will help you reassess your business and adapt it to new regulatory and implementing policies based on best industry practices that meet business requirements and regulators. Reviewing and re-defining operational models accounting control while ensuring the correct and safe execution of the business.

Process improvement analysis and re-engineering: We are helping our clients by aligning solutions with their strategies and don’t just reduce costs, but also serve as a basis for business development by increasing the value proposition to the end customer.

BPO - Outsourcing

BPO - Outsourcing helps with the business process services. MBC combines clients with smart and articulate members

PSD2/Open Banking

Open Banking use credit scores based on PSD2 provide reliable and real-time lending. This is for customers with no credit history.
  • Instant approval for consumer financing
  • Applicable to all client types including clients with no credit history
  • Particularly appealing to banks, telcos and Fintechs

Security & Ethical Hacking

MBC supports clients to understand the security strengths and weakness in the business. We understand the need to test and confirm information security measures and maturity.

Slide Design

With many activities occurring in business, we have built slide design as a service. So our experts in slides design can take this one task from the activities of the business. We design slides that add value and impact to the business message so amplify their audience. MBC team have experience at conferences, providing technical pre-sales presentations and in-house speeches.

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