What are MBC Internships all about?

Students joining our internship programme spend three to twelve weeks with us. This usually takes place between June and August but it can also happen throughout the year.
The programme is open to two types of students:

Senior Students

MBA students in their summer internship or project.

Junior Students

Undergraduates from the 2nd year of their degree onwards.

MBC Programmer

About the Programme

The MBC Internship Programme is designed to provide a casual insight into the MBC Consultant routine.

Depending on your experience and seniority, you should expect to work on internal tasks and projects, such as presentations, research and analysis, as well as to participate in short client assignments.

The overarching focus at all times will be on delivering and adding value to MBC colleagues and clients while learning about consultancy business model.

Here's what to expect
Planned Development

Interns are assigned a buddy who will introduce you to our culture and internal processes. A more senior mentor will guide your development and progress through the programme, but you will have the opportunity to interact at all levels of the organisation.

Intern to Team Member

As an MBC Intern, you get the opportunity to show and share your skills, meet our team, culture and methodology, while at the same time provide you with the opportunity to join us after graduation.

MBC Experience Abroad

As a complement to the Programme and upon availability we offer a rotational scheme between our offices in Seville, Madrid, Valladolid in Spain & Milton Keynes, which will expose you to different realities of the consulting practice.

When should you apply?

Internship placements are open year-round at all our offices for both junior and experienced students currently enrolled in an Undergraduate, Masters, or PhD programme, but most of our interns apply during their study breaks.

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